Are hard surface floors better for allergies?

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has a number of very interesting studies you should be aware of.

Review the studies below  and learn interesting information about hard surface floors and allergies:

  1. Done in 23 countries that looked at individuals that had carpeted and non-carpeted bedrooms to determine in which type of rooms people have less allergic reactions. The study revealed that individuals who had carpeted bedrooms had lower allergic reactions to contaminants in the air than did those with non-carpeted bedrooms!
  2. Examined asthmatic children in carpeted schools, non-carpeted schools, carpeted bedrooms and non-carpeted bedrooms. Researchers found that those children that had carpeted bedrooms had much less severe symptoms and used less medication than all three of the other groups.
  3. Looked at the protective influences of carpet in bedrooms for those children who suffer from asthma. Researchers again found that the filter-like capabilities of carpet in the bedroom allowed the children to use lower levels of medication to deal with their asthma than children in non-carpeted bedrooms.

Placing a rug over an area of carpet can add style or prevent high traffic areas from becoming worn. Unfortunately, the rug may slide when placed directly on carpet, causing the user to have to constantly move and adjust the rug. When stepped or pushed on, carpet pile moves in one direction. When the carpet pile moves from being compressed, it causes the rug to shift or move with it. The taller the pile, the more difficult it can be to prevent the rug from slipping. However, there are numerous products designed to keep rugs in place. Does this spark an idea?

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