Can I have my carpet restretched?

Once your carpet starts to ripple, it’ll only keep getting worse. That’s because carpet is intended to lay flat at all times. A small ripple not only puts more wear and tear on the carpet, but causes it to move when you walk across it. That movement causes—you guessed it—more ripples. Soon your carpet will begin to look more like an ocean than a floor, and that’s a problem. 

If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry. You probably won’t need to replace the carpet. For the most part, stretching it will remove the buckles and return it to its natural state as a flat, attractive floor covering.

Carpet stretching is a very common carpet repair task. Carpet stretching is simple in theory.

Having your carpet restretched involves:

  • Pulling Up the Edges of the Carpet
  • Re-stretching the Carpet So It’s Properly Taught
  • Trimming Any Excess That’s Been Created
  • Re-securing the Carpet in its New Place

But in practice, it’s a considerably involved process, involving unique tools and proper technique to actually accomplish a successful carpet stretch.

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